The 'Street Smart' toolkit

Skills for children to improve personal safety


 With the change from Junior to Senior school comes new danger.

 While paranoia is unnecessary, it is important to have an honest and open conversation.

 'Street Smart tool kit' is a one-hour interactive talk for parents and children designed to highlight and mitigate the burgeoning challenges of walking to school alone; being the youngest age group in a new school; thriving despite lessened parental supervision.

 Matt Jardine has been teaching martial arts to adults and children for over twenty-five years. He has worked with some of the very best regarding self-defence and personal protection. The most useful skills he has discovered are not quite what you would imagine.

In this video of the talk, you and your child will learn simple, relevant and effective strategies in personal safety that can be applied immediately.

 Amongst other things you will learn:

•    What Roger Federer's service return teaches us about preventing trouble

•    Why and how to avoid the mistakes of the 'invisible gorilla'

•    The 'real' strategy that David used when defeating Goliath

•    How chameleons are the most intelligent personal safety experts and what we can learn from them

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